About the Team


History: Founded in 2008 by a GSB high school physics teacher, Team Chaos has allowed students to grow into leadership roles to elevate the goals of the club: teamwork, strategic design thinking, hands-on learning, communication, safety, sportsmanship, life-skills, and fun! The first competition in 2010 with "Soccer Bot" was a learning year, where a student captain recognized that the design process and access to the robot were critical for students to learn the concepts of robotics and development. We competed every year since inception and in 2017 Team Chaos won the FIRST Judges' Award for innovation using a 3D printed arm/grabber.  Our success that year also advanced us to the District Championships for the first time! 

What sets us apart: As a small school, we have an advantage in that our Robotics club provides opportunities for all members to learn all aspects of building a robot and competing. Everyone plays a part, and we rely on student ownership. We encourage our students to get dirty, ask questions, have a voice, try everything, and that mistakes are okay as we learn from those failures. And, with the guidance of coaches, mentors, sponsors, and parents, we enable the students to expand their vision.

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