Meeting Notes (1/17/16)

by Carolyn

  • Identified the low bar and 8 other defenses
  • Categorized the defenses based on how to pass them
    1. Portcullis:
      • Pre-programmed moves
      • Arm
    2. Shovel of Fries (Cheval de Frise):
    3. Moat:
      • Big wheels/treads
    4. Drawbridge:
      • Pre-programmed moves
      • Arm
    5. Sally Port
      • Pre-programmed moves
      • Arm
    6. Low Bar
      • Shortness
    7. Rock Wall, Rough Terrain, and Ramparts
      • Big wheels/treads

Remember: The Low Bar is permanent and cannot be removed

Also Consider: The audience likes to see the Portcullis/Shovel of Fries be used

  • Questions:
    1. Do we want to go under the low bar?
    2. Wheels: treads, big wheels, big mechanum with rubber belt, design own tread?
    3. Score upper or lower? (Leaning toward lower goals)
    4. Which defenses?
    5. Shooter design?
    6. Scale tower?
    7. Gate lifter (self/assist)?
  • We also examined wheels we have.
  • BONUS: It’s also possible we could have a telescoping arm to scale tower that folds into robot before activation

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