Meeting Notes (1/18/16)

by Carolyn

  • ¬†Questions
    • Flipper or shooter?
    • If there is a ball rolling around that bounced off the castle, could we pick it up and shoot it? YES.
  • Ideas
    • Rubber tube stretched over giant mechanum wheels
      • If that gets over the rock wall it can get over the rough terrain
    • Roller wheels pull boulder in, stop, piston in back, spin the roller wheels other way and piston pushes the boulder to the wheels
    • Put a belt around the wheels
    • Back in corner and have a straight shot
    • Go for the low goal
    • Adjustable robot
      • Gets under the low bar
    • Big wheels in the middle
    • Piston with a weight
    • Shooter system is separate from the robot
    • Strategy – low shooter and traverse 5/8 defenses or more (5/8 is least)
  • What we did
    • Group split – logic or mechanical
    • Logic group
      • Rules and strategies
      • Robot spreadsheet of which robots cannot traverse certain¬†obstacles
      • Need to have the ability to do 5/8 defenses
        • Noticed the portcullis and sally port do not stay open, they close on their own
    • Mechanical group
      • Legs of stool with motors = practically perfect
      • Smaller motors

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