The Game (A First-Timer’s Guide)

by Sebastian

When the game comes around, many people will not know what to expect and what to do. This post will outline everything you need to know for the robotics games this year.


  • The games last 1-3 days
  • Our robot stays in a small area of the pit when we are not competing, where we can do whatever we want to the robot.
  • Before a competition, we will move our robot to the arena, where it will wait on queue for its match. There’s parking spaces for your bot and everything.
  • There will be loud techno music playing. If you want to preserve your hearing or just hate loud music, plan accordingly.


– If you are going to do a job (human player, coach, spy, or driver), make sure that you know what you are doing and that you have ALL the knowledge necessary to perform your task. Be prepared for anything & everything!

– Always make sure that the fullest battery is the one put in the robot before entering queue

– These games are great experiences. Remember that and have fun.

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